In 2018, I managed to persuade my husband to buy a greenhouse.  


This was sold to him on the basis that we would save so much money if I grew  the flowers for the garden and the vegetables  for the raised beds from seed rather than buying plants and herbs from the garden centre.  


We had been fortunate enough to find a large concrete base when we had cut back the weeds, ivy and brambles.  We never knew it existed before clearing the garden and our neighbours explained that there used to be a garage there.    Already having a fixed base saved us money, which went towards the greenhouse.


After much research, I settled on an Elite vintage greenhouse.  My dad advised us to save as much money as possible and buy the largest greenhouse we could afford as we would never have enough space.  The size of the greenhouse was largely based on the size of the concrete base but we managed to to fit a 12 x  7.5 ft greenhouse on it.    I also 'negotiated' with the supplier and managed to get some shelving and a seed tray unit thrown in.  The greenhouse also came with 2 windows and a louvre vent.


I feel in love immediately on installation and couldn't wait to fill it with vegetables, seeds and plants for the garden.


We've had the greenhouse for less than a year and I can say with some certainty that it was one of the best purchases we've made.  During last Summer, I managed to grow tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse and sow lots of vegetables and plants from seed saving us (probably) hundreds of pounds.


There is also something quite wonderful about sowing the seeds and watching them grow.  And I can't wait to start again this Spring.


Greenhouse base

Greenhouse being installed

New greenhouse

Empty greenhouse

Plants growing in the greenhouse

Plants growing in the greenhouse

Cucumbers growing in the greenhouse

Tomatoes growing in the greenhouse

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